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Dark Side Movember Contest

Get your ‘Stache On!

Join our contest by buying a chocolate moustache and posting a picture of yourself with it on social media. We’ll draw 3 people’s pictures at random on Dec. 1st to win awesome chocolatey prizes!

How to enter:
Buy a Dark Side Chocolates chocolate moustache in store
Buy a Dark Side Chocolates chocolate moustache in store or online
Post a photo of yourself with it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Use the hashtag #DarkSideMovember so we can find your photo
Note: Make sure that when posting on Facebook it’s public and you have a public account on Instagram so we can see your posts and enter you into the draw
1$ from each sale of our “choco-staches” goes to prostate cancer research via Let’s raise awareness and have fun.



Click here to see everyone participating
in the #DarkSideMovember Contest!

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Chocolate Love

Chocolate is made from the seeds of a rainforest tree called Theobroma Cacao that only grows within 20 degrees of the equator. Theobroma means ‘elixir of the gods’ and anthropologists say that early inhabitants of the Americas had been drinking chocolate for at least a thousand years before Europeans discovered it.

Brightly colored cacao pods grow right from the trunk of the tree and are harvested by hand. The pods are filled with white pulp and beans that are scooped out, fermented, dried, roasted, and ground as they are turned into the chocolate that we know.

We use chocolate made with organic cacao in all of our products.